About C by Me

C By Me is a unique, one-of-a-kind studio where customers of all ages come to design, decorate and personalize clothing and accessories on the spot. We have thousands of rhinestone details and patches.  We also have many other activities!!!

We host amazing, creative parties of all kinds, either in our lovely 2,200-sq ft. studio or at the location of your choice.

At C by Me, there’s  something for everyone – infants, children, adults & for everyone! We offer:

Everything created in the store is completed while you wait leaving each designer, the exhilarating experience of wearing out what they designed or receiving their personalized gift to take.

We carry something for everyone in the family. C by Me gives you every good reason to make the design experience truly yours, unique and utterly creative.

In More detail:

*Birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and more. Bring us an idea and we will help you make your party creative and different. Besides decorating with rhinestone and patches, we do slime parties, tie dye parties, painting parties, make your own lip gloss, lotion or shower gel.

*Custom shirts, jackets, hats, bags, leggings and more. Any time come and decorate your own with rhinestone and patches. We can also make your personalized shirts for a special event.

*Arts and crafts mini camps, ALL summer long and any no school day making creative crafts, paintings, slime, edible art and more.

*Art classes for children  Ages 4-7 and 8 up

*Art classes for adults at night, 8-10 pm  Bring your inspiration and our teacher will guide you to come out with a beautiful masterpiece. Call us for specific dates.

*Offsite events.  We can go to any location for any type of event.  We offer anything creative including clothing decorating, slime, painting, ceramics, face painting, glitter tattoos, make your own lip gloss, body lotion, gel and so many other fun and creative ideas.